PC Builder Checklist

New PC Builder Checklist

Here it is. Step El Numero Uno. The first step! Congrats, you are on your way to learning how to build your own Person Computer System. Let’s begin this thing with the basics and go from there. 1. What do you need for a complete PC Build? It’s hard to build something when you don’t […]

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5 reasons build pc

5 Real Reasons to Build a PC

I mean who uses a PC (Personal Computer) anymore? We have a whole computer in our pockets called a cell-a-phone telephone right? PC Building is for nerds only right? Wrong Broski…and let me tell you why. Pocket computers or “smart phones” are great for apps and taking pictures, but they will never replace the capabilities […]

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$777 Lucky PC Build

Feelin Lucky Punk? This PC Build is awesome! The Cost of this right at this moment is actually $777.37 but I feel safe rounding to an even (and awesome) $777 dollar PC Build that will act as both a workstation AND Gaming PC. Unbelievable? Believe it. First off, here is a screenshot proving the price: […]

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