5 reasons build pc

5 Real Reasons to Build a PC

I mean who uses a PC (Personal Computer) anymore? We have a whole computer in our pockets called a cell-a-phone telephone right? PC Building is for nerds only right?

Wrong Broski…and let me tell you why.

Pocket computers or “smart phones” are great for apps and taking pictures, but they will never replace the capabilities of a decent PC.

Our world is accelerating technology at tremendous rates never before seen in history. It all started with a computer in a guys living room in the late 1930’s called the Z1. Zoom forward in history and computers have been utilized in every aspect of progress. Everything from the first giant calculator to decoding Nazi messages during WW2 to creating self driving chips for future automobiles.

They have helped create most inventions of this age, and will continue to do so in the future.

So what does that do for you? What is a PC good for nowadays? Let’s take a look and see:

Number 1. The OBVIOUS statement for most PC owners….GAMES!

There has yet to be a console with the power of a gaming PC (come at me Xbox/Playstation fan-bois!) Games have never looked so good as they do on a computer.

Case in point: I personally chose to play a game called Destiny 2 on the computer because the framerate on PC was 60 fps versus the console version which was capped at 30 fps. The difference in graphic quality and frames per second made a drastic difference in gameplay.

Besides that, many console games are also on PC in addition to a plethera of PC only titles.

This moves me to my next point:

Number 2. Virtual Reality is, in fact, the bomb-dot-com!

Sure you might say there are VR headsets for phones, stand-alones, and even for the Playstation. However there is no arguing where real VR is at, and that is from a PC with the power to run it!

With the right PC build, you can power a Vive, Oculus Rift, or upcoming Valve index VR system. The experience compared to anything outside a PC is uncanny. You can literally stand in a room and enter another world where other PC owners are enjoying their experience right alongside you.

This is not possible with the current consoles on the market…and if you want to get technical about it, consoles are nothing more than gaming computers with graphics cards anyways!

After all… Playstation 4 is just a computer with a custom modified CPU/GPU combination similar to the “APU’s” Ryzen processors coming out from AMD!

Number 3: More POWER for LESS cost!

When you are the one in charge of building something, you are the one in total control. When you know what you want, you can source everything yourself and do so cheaper than a pre-built system.

That means your budget can take you much further when you build it, giving you more computing power to use as you wish.

For example, I personally built my first gaming PC a few years ago…and at the time did some comparison shopping. I couldn’t afford buying everything at once, so just waited until either I had money that week to buy a part OR something great was on sale online.

In a couple months I had a fantastic gaming rig with all the bells and whistles I wanted. This included everything I had planned to purchase which I found either very cheap or on sale. I had a friend who had purchased a pre-built gaming PC from Best Buy which cost twice what mine did (I believe mine totaled about $1100 and his was $2400).

PLUS his system couldn’t play all the games like mine and would crash often. Mine had more power for less money. I found similar rigs to mine in about the $3,000 plus range compared to my 1,100 dollar cost.

Insane? Yes, Crazy if you don’t build it yourself!

This leads to another benefit which is…

Number 4: Customize EVERYTHING to make it YOURS

Nowadays a personal computer is extremely customizable! A pre-built computer is basing it’s assumptions on if you will like the design and specs based on an assumed MASS production mindset.

In other words…they are keeping colors, shape, and specs based on what they think will appeal to the majority. Here is where you say “but gosh-darn it, I’m an individual person with specific likes and dislikes!”

Exactly my friend. Exactly.

The only reason (and I mean ONLY reason) people buy pre-built sets is because:

  1. They don’t think they can build it themselves, or..
  2. They don’t want to take the time to build it themselves.

Buying pre-built from Best-Buy or others is the easy way. Just because it is easy, however, doesn’t make it a good purchase. They give up individual needs and/or wants to hit that staples “easy” button.

So what can you customize if you build it yourself for your individual needs?


You can build it with just enough power for your simple projects, or MASS power for your VR Gaming rig.

You like the color green? You can build a green behemoth inside a half open case with neon green liquid cooling and green L.E.D. strips all over that bad boy.

Maybe you like things clean and simple. A black case with no lights with massive specs hidden on the inside. Maybe you need a $300 fortnite player, or a $3000 dollar video editing system with a professional look.

Endless customization I say…Endless!

This points to the last thing I want proclaim in this post which is…

Number 5: Building a PC gives a sense of Achievement like no other!

It really is fun to build a PC yourself. It’s like the difference of pride between a 1969 Ford Mustang you purchased from an auction VS. a 1969 Ford Mustang you hand built from scratch.

OR to make it even more personal, it’s like how you feel about someone else’s kid VS. how you feel about your own child.

Yep. I went there. LOL

And Yes, I just lol’d at my own statement. Point is, it’s not the same when you hand make something. You respect it much more, treat it much better, and have a sense of pride about it. Not to mention the fact that there is a massive community you become a part of. An elusive club of PC builders who took action for themselves and made it happen.

These are only a few reasons why you should build your own PC, and there are countless other reasons to motivate you to take action and build that thing today.

That is what this site is all about!

Giving people a place to figure out what they need in a computer, where to get the parts for it, and details on how to build the whole thing. I believe in the incredible amount of things a personal computer can do.

That is what I am trying to bring to the world’s attention. Won’t you join me in this nerdy journey of mine?

Keep your eyes peeled right here at PCBuildIt.com for upcoming builds, recommendations, and guides for all your PC building needs. My hope is that it is a place for not just adults, but kids also who want to learn this skill and overcome any fears that may exist with building a technical machine with your own 2 hands.

That said….thank you so much for stopping by, and let’s get this movement started together.

*Now it’s YOUR turn!

Let me know in the comments below what type of PC you are looking to build. What are your fears (if any) about it? How would you feel if you built the perfect PC for your needs? Let me know!

Your Nerdy Friend,

-Gabriel Jones-

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