Hello Friends,

Ahhh. Here it is. My first leap into an area of my life I have loved since I was a little nerd.

Custom PC Building!

But guess what? This world of PC building is a seemingly complex monster surrounded by a billion choices of components, parts, and accessories.

Seemingly I say because….it really isn’t.

Much like anything, becoming a PC builder is easier than it would seem (Geek Squad would have you believe otherwise). It’s definitely its own world to explore and learn. That is what this site is all about.

Everyone uses a PC, but not everyone understands the ability to build your own customized version made just for you is the best way to go. Think about it:

Every person has a different need to use a computer. Some daily uses might be:

  • -Office work (docs, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • -Photo editing
  • -video editing
  • -Browsing the Internets
  • -Casual gaming
  • -Hardcore gaming
  • -Live Streaming PC

But what else can there be? What about more uncommon uses such as:

  • -Exclusive Homeschooling Computer
  • -Maybe just used to print PDF’s of sewing patterns
  • -Retro Emulator of classic consoles (NES, Sega Genesis, MAME, etc)
  • -Auto-cad Designer for Engineers
  • -Designated Home Theater Station
  • MY GOSH MAN the possibilities are endless!

The thing is this….do you need a $5,000 gaming rig to play Fortnite? No. Do you need to meet minimum specs for an Autocad computer? Yes. What about a graphics card to edit simple word documents? NO!

So what is it that I’m saying here? That it is much better to customize a PC for your needs and lifestyle, than get a generic PC built for the masses.

True Story!

PCBuildIt.com is your hub to join this giant world of PC Building at your level. No matter what that means to you.

Whether you are brand new to electronics, or are a seasoned PC Builder…you can find something here that will help you.

That’s a promise from me to you.

Sincerely and Nerdily,

-Gabriel Jones-